About Us

We are Kam Tech India Ltd, a family owned business. I (Shakthi Mahalingam)  along with my siblings have been running this business since 2002. Our motto is that we deliver what we promise to our customers. We have been true to our motto since inception.

I am naturally a problem solver and independent. I completed my Masters in software engineering in 2006. After graduating I had an option of taking an permanent employment for another company. I was not interested and decided to be part of own business with my siblings. This experience was challenging, sometimes stressful but career wise the most rewarding experience. The decade old experience has been great so far. During my career I helped my customers by providing SEO services, Magento plugins and testing. I enjoy my work, provided quality services and very passionate about technology in general. I am a work from home Mom. Apart from the work, I also enjoy spending time with my child. Raising my child and helping her to build her character has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I don’t make much but I am a philanthropist , hoping my little donation to charity make a difference for someone in this beautiful world.

Shakthi Mahalingam

shakthi@kamtechco.net (I will be very happy to hear from you on any questions )